Thursday, September 17, 2015

There's no place like home...

I'm home! Actually I got home yesterday but caught up with a few other things promising myself to blog today. My back feels like I have glass moving around in my spine from lugging my backpack around but still I'm still glowing from seeing my little grandson. He is such a strong little baby and I so enjoyed holding him, feeding him, loving his perfect little self.

I did pretty well getting myself through 2 flights and a layover both ways. I was fortunate to be surrounded by "traveling angels" so I didn't end up in Texas...twice. And thank you to the couple who were standing next to the garbage bin when I threw away my flight receipt!  And yes, you can get through a four-hour layover eating nothing but crackers. I saw that movie with Tom Hanks living in an airport!

Baby Barrett
All in all, it was a beautiful 7 days. My son and his wife have stepped right up to parenting this little miracle named Barrett who is now 6 lbs. and could be more for all I know. They are tired but are doing well as first time parents. I love you all.

I love the clouds.
Reminds me when my Grandpa used to take me to see the planes.
My perfect little grandson.
His hat didn't like staying on.
Baby toes are the best!
Me and silly Jilly who was trying to get away.

Feeding time.

He was cracking me up because he was lifting his head for one so young.

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