Friday, September 4, 2015

Drowning in plastic: The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Okay, I can take a hint. I have come across The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, twice and despite the fact that I was going to watch movies all day and not post I am moved by this article to do so.

It's absolutely horrible the way this "Island" has built up over the years and even though I knew somewhat of this happening, of course, to see pictures of it boggles the mind.

For years, I have recycled as much as I can but I know it's not enough. You can only make so many DIY projects, recycle and tie shopping plastic bags into a knot.

What makes me sad is the marine life that is affected. What baffles me is how long does something of such magnitude go unnoticed for so many years?

Where I live there is a river that runs behind our apartment building. It's called The Passumpsic River.

The Passumpsic River
I have seen all manner of trash is thrown in this river and on the bank next to another apartment building, I've seen a mattress and even tires thrown down. But of course, you never actually see this happening.

I am tired of our waters being treated like a huge toilet and pray that a solution or something...anything will happen to start to make a dent in man's mad dash to suck up all our resources.
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