Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Barrett L. Couture Is Here!!!

My First-Born Grandson

I want to introduce you to the motivation behind the title for my Blog.

Introducing Barrett Lee Couture! He was born at 6:29 am (only after getting to the hospital at 5 am!), weighing 4 pounds 8 ounces and 18 inches long. He'll be staying in the NICU for a bit to make everything keeps going smoothly, but he is absolutely perfect! The sweetest little thing and quiet, you can already tell by his facial expressions though he's going to have quite the personality. Get ready to be flooded with baby pics!☺ By Britany Couture the new Mommy.

I have already looked into on-line baby books and came across what looks like a great website for exactly what I want. After looking at several of them, I landed on this one:https://www.mixbook.com/account/login

This child has been a wonderful inspiration for what I'm now calling "my writing." Because of this teeny tiny bundle of joy I'm blogging as Grandma Rose, I'm writing a book of my life for him to pass down, and last but not least creating a baby journal.

Now my son has let me know he and his wife are looking at plane tickets so I'll be flying to Florida soon. Can life be any more perfect right now? 

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