Monday, July 6, 2015

How To Handle A Rebound, The Wrong Way #FixThePlus *

 I have always wanted to embrace life and all it had to offer. I have the curiosity and wonderment of a small child. I want to live! To enjoy the beauty that life has to offer. And I love helping out people. My friend says "I follow my heart."I wish my heart had better sense!

 Little did I know it can get out of control and blow up in your face causing great pain but I have and did use my mistakes for the good. All I can do is hopefully give the person reading this a kinship and comfort that you are not alone. And faith that better days will come.As I grow older I'm learning how to forgive myself. Some things I have. Some things I still struggle with. 

 We're Going To The Chapel. 

I stood in blue jeans and a cool blouse quietly saying, "I do" in front of the Justice of the Peace at the City Hall in Los Vegas, Nevada.

It was 1977 and looking at that date it seems so long ago. I was eighteen and my soon to be husband was 20 years of age. I had known him all of a few months. I had just had my heart broken by a boy and instead of wallowing in pain I latched on to this young man. 

I was eloping in defiance of being told what to do all the time and all my life by my mother. My new found freedom I had been waiting years and years for wasn't complete yet. I still lived at home and had to listen to a mother who thought she knew the right way for everything. 

Her way was the right way and she would not let it go. Plus insisting that "shacking up" was bad.I was going to burn in the fires of hell. Getting married THEN having sex was good. So to shut her up and plus even though I disagreed with almost everything she said, I still loved and wanted her approval.  

I should have listened to my inner intuition when on the way there my future husband's brother's car had broken down on the way to Los Vegas, Nevada  making us all nice and hot and sweaty.

But it was done my new husband and I came down the steps only to get rice slammed in our faces by my new brother-in-law. Another sign? It was very surreal, but I embraced it as a new adventure and was ready for action!

Got on the phone and announced,"Guess what mom I got married." What a wonderful daughter I was! 

Ever do something impulsive and want to take it back?

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