Wednesday, August 10, 2016

My Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades!

What a great area to live. Our bank is close, our grocery store is close, both being the same as we had in St. Johnsbury. We are going to lunch today in the dining room that's in our building. Roast beef and the trimmings. On Thanksgiving and Christmas, they have free dinners which we are looking forward to as well.

I took some pictures of the progress we have made plus a view of the town. I simply adore small intimate towns. Beauty is everywhere.

Finally got my lids sorted!

From H.O.P.E. thrift store. $3.00 sandals brand new Dr. Scholls!

Chuck sitting at our borrowed table and chairs in our 'computer room.'

Looking forward to sorting out these boxes. Some of them have been packed for five years making my stuff seem new again.

Taken from my bank a view of Lyndonville.

My homemade bookshelves. I'm going to get something pretty to cover the boxes.

My bathroom is slowly becoming organized.

Showing no more boxes and if there is a place to hang stuff on I will find it.

Have a wonderful day wherever you are in this world:)

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