Monday, August 15, 2016

Monday Memories #17

Welcome to Monday Memories where I share my exciting life, at least to me, with you to hopefully help those out there to try not to make the same mistakes I made...

I was home again loving the feel of the hot, dry, desert air for I was safe again. My transfer to Bob's Big Boy was successful, my parents found myself and Amy an apartment. I had a bicycle to ride back and forth to work, my mother took Amy for me a lot which eventually became my downfall not blaming my mother in any way.

I was in love with my first apartment alone. I biked back and forth to work, my mother lived close enough, about a five-minute drive, pick up Amy bring her home when I got home. She also took Amy on the week-ends.

My new apartment was a 1-bedroom with a tiny kitchen but that was fine with me. My tiny kitchen had a window that looked out to my front grassy enclosed yard which I loved to sit out and sunbathe. I would take an icy tall beer out with me turning a nice golden brown color.

I had a small dining room space, a living room, bedroom which was where the bathroom was. I had set up Amy's crib in my bedroom which was big enough for my bed as well. I forget where I got it but had a huge cable table as a dining room table with a couple of chairs to sit on. Even way back then I loved making something out of junk.

I had made friends with my neighbors one's next store were two young women who pretty much were free spirits as I was, the other neighbor being a Spanish woman living alone up in the front near the street.

I remember going out one day on the invite from my young friends to Desert Hots Springs, Calif. to the streams that came from the snow melting off the mountain. I put Amy in my lap while I floated in a huge black inner tube, we were there all day and of course when we went home later on Amy passed out cold and I landed in my giant bean bag chair falling fast asleep.

The cute hitchhiker the girls had picked up came over the next day asking me to show him the way out of town which taking Amy in her stroller I walked him to the bus stop. All was well in our little world.

Work was great and I actually waited on Kristy McNichol who as I remember had a double fudge ice cream sundae which I thought was the coolest thing in the world. This is her today.

My life was getting straightened out, I still had no idea where my so called husband was and didn't care, life was good...until I met a man who had been hit over the head, the girls brought him to me to fix him up...

To be continued next Monday...

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