Monday, February 8, 2016

Oh Boy, Gamers Paradise

If you’ve ever visited Amsterdam, you’ll know it’s a magical place. Mostly for the sights and the people of course, and definitely not the vast amounts of readily available weed. Whatever your views on recreational drug use anyway, it’s a great place to visit. Now, thanks to a new dedicated gamer hotel, it just became even greater.
The Arcade Hotel in Amsterdam has been dubbed the “world’s first hotel for gamers” where guests can hang out, play retro classics as well as modern titles, and do all that other boring hotel stuff like sleep in luxury, eat delicious food, and drink half your weight in gin. If you’ve ever wanted to see if you’d still be any good at Duck Hunt after getting smashed on booze, this is the place to do it.
I know quite a few gamers, my husband and son  at the top of the list, would love to go to a place like this. They are the first ones I thought of when I 'stumbled" across this article.

If you had the chance would you go visit? I love stories so do tell.

100 Exquisite Adjectives
By Mark Nichol

I love words and came across a list of them. I'm going to add a word a day to my posts as long as I don't forget.

Word #17. Corpulent: obese

I was dismayed at how corpulent I had become.
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