Friday, October 30, 2015

Hello Halloween, Good bye Fall

It's coming dare I say it, winter. But know this, I actually like snow and no matter how many times I see it snow, especially the first of the season snowfall, I can watch it for a long time.

Halloween is tomorrow, I replenished the Halloween candy, we love chocolate, and hopefully get a few trick or treaters. My husband and I have already sampled the Twix candy bars and they're good to go.

Here in Vermont as far as I have lived here the fall's foliage hasn't been the greatest as far as the different fall leaf colors, but I still took a few pictures to say good-bye.

I went out today. It was a little windy with a little howling action and a huge dark storm cloud was positioned right over our town and stayed there. So far no rain. That was the last 2 days.

Tomorrow I will have a story to tell about marriage and a cemetery so stay tuned. Hope you are ready for those cute little trick or treaters yelling in chorus Trick or Treatttttt.

I went over to Family Dollar and the sales were awesome. 90% off awesome. This man in line told me that he bought 6 boxes of those Pop tubes that you freeze and is giving those out. I forgot to ask if he was going to freeze them first or not. 10 cents a box, what a steal, what a deal.

Trick or Treat.
Smell my Feet.
Give Me Something Good To Eat.
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