Monday, October 5, 2015

Floods,Surgerys,Movies & Fall.

South Carolina is getting all of California's rain. Seeing I was raised in California, I'm sad to see the changes that drought does to the lakes and scenery, not to mention I have memories of growing up in the desert of Palm Springs so I remember boiling hot but the pools always had water in them. Some of the homes still do I saw on Sky-Cam. Looks weird surrounded by dead vegetation.

Everywhere is different now weather wise. At least the places I know. We have this beautiful Maple tree out in the front yard. I decided to record it for forever and have been taking a picture once a day to show how quickly it turns Fall around here. I have a few pictures of the hills but from talking to some of the people that grew up here, the weather has been different for a long time. I notice this but don't really address it and when I do, I have a blog I can go too. The pictures will come after all the leaves are gone off the "ole Maple tree.

I saw where they did Chuck's surgery. At the initial "ew" I got in close for a better look. That's what I've been up to for the last few days helping best I can with my inflictions. I'll keep going until I'm crawling. The home nurse was here today and taught me how to change his gauzes. I'm very proud at how well he is handling this. His birthday is this month and turning 52. We both know some have it harder but we know our own personal hells. Moving on...

So I have been watching movie after movie and enjoying the heck out of myself. I watched Snow Girl and the Dark Crystal and I am in love with that movie. I watched it on my laptop, but I'm going to watch it again on our big T.V. It has the most wonderful graphics and it's not too corny which is a big plus for me.

So I'm waiting for my wheat shells to thaw out so I can make dinner. Until we meet long.
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