Friday, August 14, 2015

Hold On To Your Seats!

Hold on to your seats people...I went outside walking today! Since I think in the dramatic I was waiting to burst into flames when I stepped outside. Nope, not even a blister.

So off I go with my spine and ankles whispering I'll get you my pretty. I get about 10 steps, make that 30 steps, and my new neighbor is outside with her friendly little pug. So I waste about 10 minutes of "spine time." The good side I got to pat a friendly little pug. I make my farewell and off I go.

It's about a 10-minute walk under normal back conditions, so I walk the railroad track, crossover, walk up the back alley, round the corner and sidewalk sales!!

Taking out my trusty camera these are the pictures I took forgetting all about my back.

Smaller Sidewalk Sale

I want them all!
One Of The Rooms
At The Front Of The Store

The Rustic Room

Love The Cabinet

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