Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Happy Women's Equality Day Here in United States

I was born in the 50's. 1958 to be exact. My mother was impregnated by my father and true to the time; they got married. My Dad was a carpenter and was the main wage earner supporting myself and my mother. Eight years later my brother came along.

 My mother stayed home and was the homemaker. My mother was excellent  at keeping the bills and credit cards all caught up. I'm pretty sure it was because of the "one piece of bologna per sandwich" rule; "one glass of milk at dinner"  amongst other little rules here and there designed to save money.We went on family vacations; we were the all American Middle-Class family.

When my father was laid off for months at a time until he got another contract to build a house; my mother went to work part-time. The pay was meager, and I would hear stories how the managers would hit on her causing stress.

Today it has gotten a lot better as far as equality is concerned for women, but I think we still have a long ways to go. Thanks for all those who have helped and sacrificed for equality for all women.

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