Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Thinking Back Tuesdays My Story #3

Continued from last Tuesday...
This story was inspired when my first born Grandson was still in his mommy's belly. Now I am writing for two for my second grandson who is on his way. I love you both.

                                                   Grandma Rose

I became friends with a pair of sisters who had an older pair of sisters that lived right down the street from where I lived. These girls were younger then I was but had more trust and freedom from their mother than I did from my mother. So I practically lived over there for with all the screaming and arguing at my house it was a wonderful refuge. 
When I finally found my brother, your Uncle Chris, after thirty years he has had contact with at least Jessie who was the youngest of the sisters. Jody was the older girls name. Very pretty like her mother. I remember a fig bush where we would eat our fill of in her back yard after much convincing from Jody. We would lay out a blanket, lay down looking up into the heavens pretending that the airplane lights were aliens. We were so close that we would call each other at the same exact time just picking up the phone, no ring, just both of us saying at the same time.."Hello"??
 I grew up as a single child until I was eight years old. My father and grandpa were carpenters and contracted what was called “The Dream Homes”, paying off the house was $120.00 a month plus utilities. All the houses had two designs and our house was near the Main Road. The whole place was in a circle with the school being right in the middle, grades kindergarten to the sixth grade.
  I remember moving once to San Diego, California but we moved back. I remember a trailer park and a very cold trailer and feeding squirrels peanuts by hand. In my new school, I had made one new friend and went over to her house listening to music and being silly dancing to with a banana peel for a hat on my head. My old school sending me a Valentines Day Card signed with my schoolmates name on it.
My mom was pregnant with my brother at that time and I barely remember a house we had moved into and squishing my finger in a doorway. Funny the stuff you remember. My Aunt Stella and Uncle Dan, my Dad's brother lived in San Diego, but we ended up moving back home to the Desert. I loved and missed San Diego. My Aunt and Uncle had a two story drafty house which us kids trampled through after we traveled the three hours to visit them. 
There are one older brother and two sisters and later to come another boy. My cousin Mark is now in heaven. I remember lots and lots of green foliage. The cool air that warmed up around noon time. Plants and trees everywhere, six blocks down was the beach which I practically lived. I almost drowned once but that’s pretty good after a lifetime of swimming in the ocean. 
I always thought it was so neat to be able to see the ocean from my cousin's house. Getting down to the beach was the ultimate rush tho! My Uncle had taken skateboards and built them into scooters and we all had one. Our shoes were our brakes much to my mother's dismay. I sure wish I had that kind of energy again running up and down that hill and stomping through the neighbor's yards playing the night game of tag. It was non-stop fun. Then we would all go upstairs and blankets were laid out for us all to sleep on in that attic with the slanted walls that I occasionally hit my head on.
 I had my first coffee from my Aunt Stella. Lots of creamer and  sugar and I loved it! My mother was totally against it so it was our little secret. Next would come running in and out and all around the neighborhood until it became the time for homemade ice cream that never failed to give me brain freeze, but it was so good. That and watermelon and after we were done eating we would have watermelon seed spitting contests. Watermelon seeds everywhere which made the critters happy. I love it there.
 My Aunt read Tarot Cards which my mother was totally against, but I'm sorry to say my mother didn't like much of anything. I liked the inside of Aunt Stella's house with the beaded curtains which us kids would go swishing through and brightly colored decorations all over. My mother found it “tacky”. I loved it. I would dream of how this was my real life and thank God for dreams for they are free. 

To be continued next Thinking Back Tuesday

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