Friday, March 18, 2016

Getting A Deal Makes My World Go Round

I am well satisfied with my day today. My friend came to pick me up then we headed the wrong way. I had suggested a place changing my mind forgetting to tell her. I tell her, we turn around heading for Dunkin Donuts. I took note that the coffee doesn't try to burn your lip off anymore. We sat up on the chairs in front of the store where we could see outside. After an hour and a half, we were as caught up as we were going to be and she returned me home. What a lovely time we had.

My landlord had his truck pulled up at the time filling up a big puddle with the dirt he had piled up in the back of his truck. As I walked by him I quipped, "Taking away my ice skating rink I see" to which he replied, "I thought we could take up mud wrestling".

In going back out to the Family Dollar I made my big score. I have needed new bras in like forever but just never really get to buying any. Or if I did buy one it wouldn't fit correctly so to the "it feels weird" pile with everything else I'm supposed to donate.

So I'm in the store looking at this and that deciding not to torture myself too long I go to the checkout. Over at the other register, I spot half off sign for undergarments. Oh boy! As I going through each item one by one this ringing sound goes off. Evidently I was setting off the alarm from those tags they attach to everything now which the clerk told me with my telling him I thought the ringing was in my head and someone was talking about me, loudly! >insert laugh here<

I come to the very last bra, lo and behold, it looks like this may be the one. No price tag of course as I look at the clerk and tell him this. He sells it to me for .50 cents! I was so happy over that Grandpa Rose said I was glowing.

I firmly believe that karma has a lot to do with it. Reaping what you sow, what goes around comes around, etc. Be nice to people as much as you can and maybe you can buy a bra for .50 cents too!

Whats the best deal you have ever got?

100 Exquisite Adjectives by Mark Nichol

I love learning new words or being reintroduced to one. I ran across a list of them and will add a word a day.

Word#41 Incendiary: inflammatory, spontaneously combustible, hot

In a sentence: Because Dad had come home in one of his incendiary moods, we kids hid in our rooms to avoid causing him to blow up.

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